I Will Devour Your Soul Like a Cupcake
Hi hi! Name’s Cait
I dabble in several fandoms, but mainly Marvel related things. Every once in awhile there's some Pacific Rim, Attack on Titan, Game of Thrones, and other stuff.

Trying to decide if I should type up the first part of my angstfest fic and post it or wait till I finish the second part to post it. Decisions, decisions.

I just figured out how I’m going to go about writing part 2, too. (no thanks to the poorly executed season 6, I mean seriously, what was that?- wait, I’m not even going to start on that right now) so thusly, part 2 isn’t going to be quiet as long as part 1 because of that, but its probably better for my mental state at the moment.

The only bad part about part 2 is that its going to require me to watch 6.20-6.22 again. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to totally cry my eyes out this time around. I’m getting depressed just thinking about it. :’C

posted 3 years ago @ 21 Jul 2011
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